Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Is HaShem Speaking to Us? Are we listening?


Is HaShem Speaking to Us? Are we listening?

What is wrong with we Jews? Why can we not get along? Why must we demonize our brothers and sisters when we have legitimate disagreements? Polarization has crippled us before. Have we learned nothing?

Our enemies see our weakness when we are divided. Look today at the Jewish world. Antisemitism is on the rise and should be our clarion call to stand united against this evil. Antisemitism has grown over the last decade in the West, in both Europe and North America. Time and again, we do not cry out. The hate is not happening in my neighborhood. The Jews who are targeted do not look like me. Hatred is spewed from a minority group that is oppressed. Any of these excuses and there are many others, need to stop. We must stand together and denounce this hatred wherever this evil raises its ugly head.

The divisions in Israel are serious. Like in America, the proponents and the opponents vilify each other. The government proposes rules that change the way judges are appointed. The opposition brings huge protests in the streets. The government is correct in that it is the elected representatives of the people. The protests are enormous and demand to be heard. Both are correct. While there seems to be an attempt to reconcile both, each continues to vilify the other. Can they not break bread together and find a compromise. Compromise means neither will get everything they want but the strength of the Jewish people will be demonstrated.

Israel’s enemies, lead today by Iran, are working to surround the Jewish state. The tens or hundreds of thousands of missiles and the thousands of terrorist soldiers may inflict horrible damage on Israel. Certainly, all Israelis and most Jews will support the Israel Defense Forces in a war. Can the war be stopped before it starts, or must we wait for many injuries and deaths to bring us together?

Is HaShem speaking to us? I believe absolutely. G-d is telling us to get our act together or the damage to our people will be great. Our weaknesses only inspire our enemies. We must unite and find common sense solutions to our divisions. Our brothers and sisters need not give up on their idealism. They must be willing to make concessions to bring peace. They must understand that the opposition believes just as strongly they are right as well. While all sides may be certain in their beliefs, if we do not find unity and peace, all Jewish people will suffer. We must understand that peace among our people is the highest virtue.

May all Jews everywhere listen to the message our G-d is speaking to us. May the message wake us up from our dream that our group has the only path.

Baruch HaShem.

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